Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We took the boat and a picnic out for the day, and decided to have our lunch at Takapuna.

When we arrived we discovered a waka stranded on the beach - quite a strange sight!

The owner/carver came and sat with us in the shade and explained that the captain, from the Bahamas, had misjudged the tide and they were stranded!
(Typical Bahamian!)

The boat was handcarved and there are 4 of them in NZ, specifically for young people to learn navigation the old way, by the stars, like their ancestors.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We've been SO busy this month that I haven't had time to blog!!
So, one of the things I did was go on the 2nd course of cake decorating (I'm building my way up to Wedding cakes!)
It sort of combines my love of baking with art..
Anyhow - here's the result and we have only just finished eating all the sugar flowers!!

The basket weaving effect with icing takes absolutely ages.. thankfully we spent a whole day making the different kinds of flowers for the decoration and only had to ice and place on the second.

I only managed photos this far - the next time I looked - it was half eaten, so I gave up and joined them! I came home with tubs of iced violets, pansies, roses and apple blossoms - so I shall make cakes for everyone's birthday.

Friday, February 5, 2010


The ferries stop running their usual routes and are given over for the day to the public - and they venture to areas forbidden to shipping usually. We boarded on a gorgeous day and went for a ferry ride around the ports and the terminals.

There were some amazing views of Auckland and plenty of photo opportunities for Sky Tower as you've never seen it before. The weather heated up rapidly and we were glad we'd brought the sunblock!

The Seafood Festival tents were lined up along the dock and we could see the floating bridges being put into place and the bottles of wine being put out for everyone, in anticipation of their arrival.

There were some interesting ships moored up, including a Japanese 'research' station (just as well Jess wasn't there or she'd have boarded it!)

The ferries were full and when we got back to the quay, the next lot of eager spectators was waiting. I hadn't thought it would be so popular.

The cranes and machinery were huge and impressive - it seemed strange to think that our container, with all our worldly goods had come this way, only 5 years ago. Hasn't time flown!

Then off to find the seafood, wine and a decent coffee. On the way there were plenty of 'street artists, musicians and displays to celebrate the day.

Of course, the anniversary is to celebrate the arrival of William Hobson, later the first Governor of New Zealand, in the Bay of Islands in 1840.Just another thing to thank the British for!